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A Message from Paul

To all the wonderful children I’ve had the honour of teaching and great families who have invited me into their homes…


When the unexpected roadblock of Coronavirus came up, my immediate thought was of how my time as a professional guitar tutor was over.  15 years of building the trust of families and children across the West of Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire I felt were dealt a fatal blow.


What has blown me away has been the support of every parent in bearing with me as I figure the next step.


As a self-employed business owner, the terror of having my income plummet to £0 has now changed to excitement as I now realise this gives me the opportunity to improve what I can offer my students in a capacity I wouldn’t otherwise have discovered and explored.


I’ve always taken great pride in being the country’s most in-demand, expert child-only guitar tutor and over 30,000 lessons under my belt, with my premium rate reflected in the results achieved by my students and the quality of the lessons.


In regards to lessons going forward, after much trial and thought – I feel It would be a lazy, obvious move to simply switch to Skype lessons.  To deal with horrible quality video, poor audio, buffering and lighting issues, having to get the kids all set up every time and adhere to set times when you may not be ready or the kids in the mood  – I refuse to offer my students anything but the absolute BEST tuition possible.  Simply switching to Skype lessons is not the best tuition possible.


These past couple of weeks have been spent creating a new approach to lessons, one which surpasses what I was previously offering; giving you more value for money and your wee one(s) a far better learning experience.

WestEndGuitar is now

A new, modern, superior way to learn guitar for kids!

Students will now be getting more lessons, more knowledge and limitless freedom to learn how to become amazing musician.

Continuing from in-person tuition, the same lesson we would’ve had in person will now be pre-recorded, completely personalised, fun, interactive and uploaded at set times each week, alongside a vast catalogue of videos covering everything we’ve ever played together in a ‘playalong’ style’.

Read below for full details!

Students had one weekly 20-minute lesson, now they’ll receive THREE – all online. PLUS a play-along video library of everything we’ve ever played

  • 1 x Personalised 25 to 30-minute lesson – focusing on what they love best – playing new songs they love. Just the same as our usual lessons, only pre-recorded
  • 1 x Technical lesson – Where they’ll learn technique, music history, music reading, genre styles, simple theory and more
  • 1 x Challenge lesson – Wildly popular in person, now they’ll get the chance to break their own and other students records on the online leaderboard, win competitions and strive for better, better, better (and student of the month)!

Lesson Schedule  

Lesson videos and materials will be posted live on their very own password-protected, private page right here on (and soon via the Kidademy app) on the same days/times each week:


  • Personalised Lesson – Monday 3.30pm
  • Technical Lesson – Wednesday 3.30pm
  • Challenge Lesson – Friday 3.30pm

    Here’s some more info on the benefits of the new system for students and families:

    Take their lessons anytime they wish, anywhere

    Pause, rewind, slow down

    All materials digital and in one place

    Retake every and any lesson they’ve ever had

    Play along with me anytime

    Receive tips, advice and feedback on their playing via WhatsApp (more on how feedback will work below)

    No more issues in regards to keeping a weekly slot, finishing dinner on time, getting home, cancelling, traffic – the last minute hoover session! :-p

    Grades (guitar qualification courses from grade 1 to 8)

    Primary students can now take my own expertly created grading systems with exams.

    These are the first guitar grades ever created just for young kids.  They are stripped back, simple to understand, fun and modern. 

    No classical music or confusing, made-for-all-ages grading like what currently exists.

    Questions you may have:

    How will students receive feedback to improve their playing if I’m not seeing them play live?

    • I will check in with parents once a week via WhatsApp, text or email for feedback on their playing, any issues, things they’d like to learn etc. Wee videos of their playing shared via this method for my review and guidance are encouraged also
    • Get in touch anytime with questions, issues or suggestions
    • Feedback from parents on playing and issues will be addressed in the lesson intro and throughout the lesson
    • Students will be reminded constantly in lessons of perfect technique and what to focus on

    Will the cost of lessons change?

    • The cost of lessons remains the same for now, the cost for new students has increased